The Week Ahead is a list of bills up for public hearings and committee work sessions that HRC staff has identified as potentially noteworthy. This is not a list of all bills being heard.

Please note that bills may be added to or removed from the committee meeting agendas after this list is released. Click on the bill number or check for the latest information.

If you would like to take action on any of these bills:

  • (P) Submit your position
  • (WC) Submit your position plus your written comments
  • (RT) Testify remotely
  • (IPT) Testify in person before the committee

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This list is for informational purposes only. The inclusion of a bill should not be construed as support for or opposition to that legislation by HRC staff.

Monday, March 6

  • Death with Dignity – Hearing on SB 5179 (Pedersen) – Health Care & Wellness @ 8:00 AM (P) (WC) (RT) (IPT)

Tuesday, March 7

No committee hearings (Education is meeting only for executive session to vote out bills previously heard.)

Wednesday, March 8

(House of origin cutoff, 5:00 pm)

  • Medicaid Fraud False Claims Act Sunset – Hearing on SB 5163 (Rivers) – Civil Rights @ 8:00 AM (P) (WC) (RT) (IPT)
  • Property Exempt from Execution – Hearing on SB 5173 (Stanford) – Civil Rights @ 8:00 AM (P) (WC) (RT) (IPT)
  • School Safety Staff Funding – Hearing on SB 5019 (Wellman) – Education @ 8:00 AM (P) (WC) (RT) (IPT)

Thursday, March 9

  • Custodial Sexual Misconduct – Hearing on SB 5033 (Padden) – Community Safety @8:00 AM (P) (WC) (RT) (IPT)
  • DOC Extraordinary Med. Placement – Hearing on SB 5101 (Saldaña) – Comm. Safety @ 8:00 AM (P) (WC) (RT) (IPT)
  • Hate Crimes/Crimes Against Persons – Hearing on SB 5623 (Dhingra) – Comm. Safety @ 8:00 AM (P) (WC) (RT) (IPT)
  • Tobacco & Vapor Products/Minors – Hearing on SB 5365 (Saldaña) – Reg. Substances @ 8:00 AM (P) (WC) (RT) (IPT)
  • LCB Subpoena Authority – Hearing on SB 5405 (King) – Regulated Substances @ 8:00 AM (P) (WC) (RT) (IPT)
  • Extending Ambulance Transport Fund – Hearing on SB 5122 (Cleveland) – Approps. @ 4:00 PM (P) (WC) (RT) (IPT)
  • Creating Account to Fund HIV Services – Hearing on SB 5142 (Liias) – Appropriations @ 4:00 PM (P) (WC) (RT) (IPT)

Friday, March 10

  • Dental School Faculty – Hearing on SB 5113 (Warnick) – Postsecondary Education @ 8:00 AM (P) (WC) (RT) (IPT)