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Public safety: The Republican Safe Washington Plan

House and Senate Republicans have unveiled a package of common-sense solutions to the public safety crisis caused by last year’s Democrat-led police reform laws.

Repealing the unpopular long-term care insurance program and regressive payroll tax

Learn more about the Democrats’ long-term care insurance program and payroll tax, including recent news and House Republicans efforts to repeal or replace this program.

Transportation solutions: Reprioritizing Existing Appropriations for Longevity (REAL) Act

The REAL Act reprioritizes and shifts funding streams to provide better services for all modes of transportation by using growing general fund revenue instead of relying on shrinking transportation revenue.

Funding real solutions for Washington’s environment

The ORCA Plan would use incoming Climate Commitment Act dollars for tangible outdoor recreation benefits and smart investments in climate adaptation to promote healthier forests, a cleaner Puget Sound, and resilience to drought and flood risks.

Why Democrats’ police reform bills have made communities less safe

Police reform bills passed by Democrats and Gov. Inslee during the 2021 legislative session have caused confusion and made communities less safe. Republicans, law enforcement, firefighters, mental health workers, local elected officials, and others understand that these problems need to be addressed.

What are House Republicans doing to reform the governor’s emergency powers?

Sponsoring legislation, debating on the House floor, calling for special sessions, holding news conferences, submitting op-eds, meeting with editorial boards, sharing on social media, going on radio programs, releasing videos, sending out email updates and newsletters, hosting town halls, writing letters, and so on. Learn more about what House Republicans have done – and will continue to do – to push for emergency powers reform.

Democrats’ regressive policies will create more pain at the pump for Washingtonians

Regressive energy policies passed by Democrats in the 2021 legislative session will make life more expensive for Washingtonians, including higher costs for gas, food and goods.

Democrats’ new tax increases | 2019-21

The new long-term care insurance payroll tax is just one of many new tax increases passed by Democrats and Gov. Inslee the last three years.

Editorial boards criticize Democrats’ policies, processes

Daily newspaper editorial boards from across the state have been critical of policies supported by Democrats in the Legislature and Gov. Jay Inslee.

Salmon and hydroelectric power can co-exist

A federal study recognized that salmon and Snake River dams are important to our socio-economic way of life and – with proper management – we can have and benefit from both in Washington state. Learn more at this web page.

The Washington State Ledger | A legislative news aggregator

Our legislative news aggregator, The Ledger, is a resource for information relating to government, public policy, and the legislative process. Please visit, bookmark, and share this website.

House Republican budget plan would provide tax relief, including sales tax cut

The SAFE Washington budget plan would reduce sales tax, hire more police officers, protect and create jobs, fund transportation projects, transfer $1 billion to the rainy-day fund, and leave a $2.1 billion surplus.

Long-term care insurance program and payroll tax

Learn more about why House Republicans believe the new long-term care insurance program and payroll tax need to be repealed.

Regressive energy policies

Two new regressive energy policies — Senate Bill 5126 (cap-and-tax scheme) and House Bill 1091 (low-carbon fuel standard) — will increase the price of gas and goods while doing very little to reduce CO2 emissions. Democrats are also looking to increase the state gas tax.

Senate Bill 5126: Cap-and-tax

This legislation would lead to a massive gas tax increase, with little benefit for climate or transportation infrastructure. This is taxation for the sake of taxation. We have sufficient room in the budget to fund any projects of immediate need that this policy is designed to fund.

Senate Bill 5096: Income tax on capital gains

For multiple years, Republicans have voted no on a proposed capital gains tax, in part, because this would for the first time subject Washingtonians to a state income tax and because such a tax on property is prohibited by the state constitution.


House Bill 1091: Low carbon fuel mandate

For multiple years, Republicans have voted no on a low carbon fuel standard, in part, because consultant reports have shown it is one of the most costly mechanisms with unproven environmental results of all the types of carbon pricing mechanisms.