Below you will find images that can be downloaded and shared on social media to raise awareness about legislation being considered in the Washington State Legislature. These images have been created by the House Republican Communications staff and include our caucus logo.

Virtual Tax Town Halls

The Tax Structure Work Group will be hosting seven virtual Tax Town Halls across the state from Sept. 22 through Nov. 3, 2021. The agenda: purpose and goals of the Tax Structure Work Group; background information on the current state tax structure; and interactive breakout sessions where you explore scenarios for changes to the state tax structure and share your feedback.

Regressive energy policies

Two new regressive energy policies — Senate Bill 5126 (cap-and-tax scheme) and House Bill 1091 (low-carbon fuel standard) — will increase the price of gas and goods while doing very little to reduce CO2 emissions. Democrats are also looking to increase the state gas tax.

Senate Bill 5126: Cap-and-tax

This legislation would lead to a massive gas tax increase, with little benefit for climate or transportation infrastructure. This is taxation for the sake of taxation. We have sufficient room in the budget to fund any projects of immediate need that this policy is designed to fund.

Senate Bill 5096: Income tax on capital gains

For multiple years, Republicans have voted no on a proposed capital gains tax, in part, because this would for the first time subject Washingtonians to a state income tax and because such a tax on property is prohibited by the state constitution.



House Bill 1091: Low carbon fuel mandate

For multiple years, Republicans have voted no on a low carbon fuel standard, in part, because consultant reports have shown it is one of the most costly mechanisms with unproven environmental results of all the types of carbon pricing mechanisms.