House bill 1363

Restore reasonable suspicion standard for initiating vehicular pursuits

House Bill 1363 would restore the initial threshold to begin a vehicle pursuit to reasonable suspicion that a crime has or is being committed.

Reps. Eric Robertson and Alicia Rule unite behind vehicular pursuit legislation

In 2021, the Washington Legislature passed a bill regulating police tactics and equipment. One of the provisions of the bill limited vehicle pursuits to instances where there is probable cause to…

Rep. Eric Robertson, R-Sumner, and Rep. Roger Goodman, D-Kirkland, sat down with Mike McClanahan of TVW’s The Impact to talk about a couple solutions being discussed in the Legislature surrounding vehicular pursuits. Robertson talks about the bipartisan bill he cosponsored — House Bill 1363 — which would bring back the reasonable suspicion standard to allow law enforcement officers the discretion to safely pursue criminals.

How Democrats’ police reform bills made communities less safe

In the 2021 legislative session, majority party Democrats passed several police reform bills. Some of these measures took away important tools used by law enforcement to de-escalate situations, caused confusion on…