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House bill 1363

Restore reasonable suspicion standard for initiating vehicular pursuits

Reinstate vehicular pursuit laws so officers can chase individuals committing auto theft and property crime. (Filed in 2023: Passed by Community Safety, Justice, & Reentry Committee, not brought to the House floor for a vote.)

Co-sponsor: Rep. Eric Robertson
Status: Awaiting House Floor Vote
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House bill 1380

Put more police officers on the street

Provide recruitment and retention bonuses for police officers to improve both manpower and morale by getting more officers into our communities. (Filed in 2023: Did not receive a hearing.)

House bill 2202

Supply indigent public defense and law enforcement costs

Increase funding to counties and require them to meet minimum police officer staffing ratios designed to take us from last in the nation in officers per capita to the middle of the pack. (Filed in 2024.)

House bill 1456

Prevent retail theft

Modify the definition of theft so that security officers can actually stop shoplifters when they conceal merchandise rather than only when they leave the store. (Filed in 2023: Did not receive a hearing.)