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House bill 2033

Create a rent relief incentive program

Create a new tax credit to incentivize landlords to voluntarily lower or freeze rents and produce more stable and affordable housing. (Filed in 2024.)

House bill 1633

Create a Homes for Heroes Program

Provide down payment assistance for heroic professions Washington state needs more of, including police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and nurses. Service members and veterans of the armed forces are also eligible. (Filed in 2023: Passed by Housing Committee, received a hearing but did not receive a vote in the Capital Budget Committee.)

Sponsor: Rep. April Connors
Status: Awaiting Committee Action
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House bill 1245

Increase housing options through lot splitting

Authorize the splitting of lots to create more small parcels of land to build starter homes and other forms of affordable housing. (Filed in 2023: Passed the House, but did not receive a vote by the Senate Local Government, Land Use & Tribal Affairs Committee.)

House bill 1401

Expedite housing permits

Establish a low-cost, expedited permit process for single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, and ADUs for low-income to moderate-income households. (Filed in 2023: Passed by Housing Committee, not brought to House floor for a vote, referred back to Housing Committee in 2024.)

Sponsor: Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen
Status: Awaiting Committee Action
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House bill 1373

Close encampments

Require local governments to close encampments near critical areas like schools and provide funding for clean-up and additional homelessness services. (Filed in 2023: Did not receive a hearing.)

Sponsor: Rep. Drew Stokesbary
Status: Awaiting House Floor Vote
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House bill 1456

Prevent retail theft

Modify the definition of theft so that security officers can actually stop shoplifters when they conceal merchandise rather than only when they leave the store.