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House bill 2387

Fund learning recovery and acceleration programs

Place tutors in schools and more paraeducators in classrooms because evidence shows that high-dosage tutoring is the most effective intervention to get students back on track in math and reading. (Filed in 2024: Did not receive a hearing.)

The Democrats’ proposed operating budget did not provide any additional funding for paraeducators. House Republican Amendment 1099 to Senate Bill 5950 would have provided $50 million to increase paraeducator staff and salaries. House Democrats voted it down, 50-45.

Sponsor: Rep. Skyler Rude
Status: Ignored by Democrats
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House bill 2142

Create a reading coaches grant program

Fund reading literacy coaches in elementary schools with prioritization for low-income children and kids who have fallen furthest behind their peers. (Filed in 2024: Did not receive a hearing.)

Sponsor: Rep. Chris Corry
Status: Ignored by Democrats
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House bill 1044

Rebuild small-district school buildings

Create a new grant program to help school districts in economically disadvantaged areas build new schools because all children deserve access to a world-class education, regardless of income. (Filed in 2023: Passed House and Senate, but died in conference. In 2024: Passed House and Senate, but died in conference.)

Sponsor: Rep. Joel McEntire
Status: Killed by Democrats
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House bill 1615

Provide school choice

Fund education savings accounts for students who are low-income, eligible for special education, or in persistently failing schools so all children can exercise the privilege of attending private school or homeschool, not just those who can afford it. (Filed in 2023: Received a hearing, but did not receive a vote by the House Education Committee. In 2024: No action taken.)

Sponsor: Rep. Carolyn Eslick
Status: Ignored by Democrats
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House bill 1373

Close encampments

Require local governments to close encampments near critical areas like schools and provide funding for clean-up and additional homelessness services.

House bill 1456

Prevent retail theft

Modify the definition of theft so that security officers can actually stop shoplifters when they conceal merchandise rather than only when they leave the store.

Noteworthy amendments and motions related to the education crisis

With many school districts telling the Legislature it was not adequately providing funding for students with special needs, House Bill 2180 increased the cap at which the state funds special education from 15 percent to 17.5 percent of student enrollment. But with Amendment 867, Senate Democrats reduced the cap to 16 percent. Every House Republican opposed the motion to concur with the Senate’s cap cut, but House Democrats voted to concur, 52-41.