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House Bill 1716

Child care tax credit

Provide a B&O tax credit to employers that voluntarily provide child care assistance to employees to help ensure parents can remain in the workforce. (Filed in 2023: Received a hearing, not brought up for a committee vote. In 2024: Received a hearing, not brought up for a committee vote.)

Co-sponsor: Rep. Chris Corry
Status: Killed by Democrats
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House bill 2179

Remove burdensome restrictions on child care centers

Relax licensing and regulatory requirements for providers in childcare deserts to ensure children have access to care and parents can get to work, no matter where they live. (Filed in 2024: Received a hearing, not brought up for a committee vote.)

Sponsor: Rep. Travis Couture
Status: Killed by Democrats
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House bill 2300

Create more ways to obtain a child care provider license

Increase the availability of child care providers by creating a pathway for early childhood educators to become certified based on prior work experience. (Filed in 2024: Did not receive a hearing.)

Sponsor: Rep. Tom Dent
Status: Ignored by Democrats
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House bill 1373

Close encampments

Require local governments to close encampments near critical areas like schools and provide funding for clean-up and additional homelessness services.

House bill 1456

Prevent retail theft

Modify the definition of theft so that security officers can actually stop shoplifters when they conceal merchandise rather than only when they leave the store.

Noteworthy amendments and motions related to the child care crisis

Senate Bill 6038 temporarily expands an existing B&O tax exemption so more child care centers are eligible and would have prohibited the Department of Children, Youth & Families from charging child care provider licensure fees. House Democrat Amendment 1259 removed the provision of the bill ending child care licensure fees, side-stepping an opportunity to lift regulatory costs and encourage more badly needed child care providers. Every House Republican opposed this amendment, but House Democrats pushed it through, 54-42.