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House Bill 2040

The Carbon Auction Rebate (CAR) Program

Provide a $200 gas rebate to Washington drivers funded by surplus revenue from the carbon tax to help offset high gas prices caused by the Climate Commitment Act. (Filed in 2024.)

Initiative 2117

Repeal the state’s carbon cap-and-trade program

Repeal the Climate Commitment Act and the associated carbon tax and prohibit state agencies from imposing a future carbon trading program. (Filed in 2024: This is an initiative to the Legislature filed by the citizens of Washington state.)

Sponsor: The People of Washington
Status: Awaiting Hearing
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House Bill 1704

Sales tax relief

Reduce the state sales tax rate by 0.5%, which would primarily benefit lower-income families and help make our state’s tax system more fair. (Filed in 2023: Did not receive a hearing.)

Sponsor: Rep. Ed Orcutt
Status: Awaiting Hearing
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House Bill 1011

Long-term care trust act and payroll tax repeal

Repeal the unpopular long-term care program and payroll tax to ensure that Washington workers aren’t forced to pay for benefits they don’t want or need. (Filed in 2023: Did not receive a hearing.)

House Bill 2439

State and local income tax ban

Prohibit state and local governments from imposing an income tax. (Filed in 2024.)

Sponsor: Rep. Mike Volz
Status: Awaiting Hearing
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House bill 1456

Prevent retail theft

Modify the definition of theft so that security officers can actually stop shoplifters when they conceal merchandise rather than only when they leave the store.