House bill 1704

Sales tax relief

Provide broad-based relief to all Washington state taxpayers, especially those that spend a large portion of their income on taxable goods and services.

House bill 1483

Property tax relief

Reduce the state portion of the property tax and provide broad relief to homeowners.

House bill 1011

Long-term care trust act and payroll tax repeal

Repeal the unpopular long-term care insurance program and payroll tax passed by Democrats in 2019.


House bill 1415

Confront drug addiction

Recriminalize the possession of hard drugs, like fentanyl and heroin, by making the knowing possession of a controlled substance a gross misdemeanor offense.

House bill 1380

Put more police officers on the street

Create funding options for local law enforcement agencies to employ more police officers.

House bill 1373

Close encampments

Require local governments to close encampments near critical areas like schools and provide funding for clean-up and additional homelessness services.

House bill 1363

Restore reasonable suspicion standard for initiating vehicular pursuits

Restore the initial threshold to begin a vehicle pursuit to reasonable suspicion that a crime has or is being committed.


House bill 1401

Expedite housing permits

Establish a low-cost, expedited permit process for single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, and ADUs for low-income to moderate-income households.

House bill 1402

Expand development boundaries

Create a path forward for local governments to welcome more housing development and expand urban growth boundaries in communities throughout the state.

House bill 1245

Increase housing options through lot splitting

Authorize the splitting of lots to create more small parcels of land to build starter homes and other forms of affordable housing.

House bill 1633

Create a Homes for Heroes Program

Provide down payment assistance for heroic professions Washington state needs more of, including police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and nurses. Service members and veterans of the armed forces are also eligible.


House bill 1328

Recover from learning loss

Create a new temporary program to boost math and reading scores, with funding prioritized for low-income districts and those whose students have suffered the most learning loss.

House bill 1000

Expand the Working Families Tax Credit

Expand the Working Families Tax Credit by doubling the income thresholds and the eligible credit amount for those with qualifying children in order to help with childcare and other expenses.

House bill 1615

Provide school choice

Establish the Students First Program that funds education savings accounts for students whose needs are not being met in the public school system. The program targets students who are low-income or are located in failing schools, and students eligible for special education would qualify for even greater support.

House bill 1210

Recording school district board meetings

Require all school district board meetings to be audio recorded, with recordings kept for at least one year, and made available to the public.