Accountable government | Strong communities | Affordable living

While we are part of the House Republican Caucus, we are 41 independently elected state lawmakers whose views are shaped by our personal values and the needs of the communities we represent. It is our job to listen to constituents, amplify voices in Olympia and advocate for solutions that make Washington the best state in the nation to live, work and raise a family. These are responsibilities we take seriously, and we expect to be held accountable for our actions.

We are willing to work with anyone, regardless of their political affiliation, on ideas and policies that address our state’s problems and benefit Washingtonians. However, we will fight against efforts that we believe will hurt the people and communities we represent – including major tax increases and other legislation that will add to the economic burdens of families and employers. When we provide criticism, we will offer contrast and alternatives. When there is a better way, we will advocate for it.

Accountable government

Our state has talented state employees who deliver important services. However, some of their leaders in state agencies have overseen major failures – including the early-release of prisoners, cost overruns in our transportation system, data breaches, problems at Western State Hospital, and heart-breaking outcomes for children in our foster care system. An accountable government is always important, but especially so when one party controls the Legislature and governor’s office. Let’s work together to:

Hold Governor Jay Inslee accountable for the decisions and results of his state agencies
Control state spending and pass state budgets that are fiscally responsible
Reform our mental health system, including Western State Hospital
Preserve bipartisan education investments and reforms
Prevent wildfires and promote forest health 
Protect the four-year balanced budget rule
Protect the Rainy Day Fund
Reform Sound Transit

Strong communities

Strong communities are the foundation for individual prosperity, healthy families and successful schools. However, too many communities are still struggling with high unemployment, addiction and underperforming schools. The Legislature should pursue policies that provide flexibility to local governments to meet the needs of their communities and that empower families and schools. State lawmakers must resist legislation that creates barriers to success. Let’s work together to:

Offer high-speed Internet access to underserved communities
Address opioid abuse and prevent supervised injection sites
Enhance career connected learning opportunities
Address the root causes of homelessness
Protect society’s most vulnerable
Make children and schools safer
Fully fund special education
Strengthen DUI laws

Affordable living

While our state economy is strong and unemployment is low, many families still face economic anxiety and live paycheck-to-paycheck. We also have too many people facing homelessness in urban, suburban and rural communities. The Legislature should advance policies that make life more affordable and offer pathways forward for those who are struggling. State lawmakers must resist ideas that add to the economic burdens of Washingtonians. Let’s work together to:

Reform the GMA to address building density, job locations and school construction
Bring economic opportunities to high-unemployment communities
Prevent new tax increases on families, individuals or employers
Make housing and building more affordable
Enact a state property tax reduction
Freeze or reduce college tuition 
No new tolls on existing roads
Provide car-tab relief