We are 48 independently elected lawmakers. While we are all Republicans, we are individuals with different views based on our personal values and the needs of the communities and people we represent. We not only listen closely to our constituents, we are their voices in Olympia. We take these responsibilities seriously and expect to be held accountable.

Our step-by-step Plan for Statewide Prosperity is based on public input, facts, research and ideas being incorporated into legislation. We are willing to work together with anyone on solutions that benefit Washingtonians. The time to act is now. We welcome your involvement in the legislative process and encourage you to contact us with your ideas and feedback.

A Plan for Statewide Prosperity

A first-class education for a worldwide job market

Connect kids to careers | More career and technical education
More choices in education
Raise graduation rates
Lower college costs

A healthy economy that works for all Washington families – urban and rural

Lower taxes | Prioritized, accountable state budgets
No income tax | No energy tax
Permanent Hirst fix | Protect private property rights
Remove rules and red tape

Protect and empower the most vulnerable

Improve our mental health systems
Employ the developmentally disabled community
End foster-parent shortage | Protect the most vulnerable, including children and the elderly

Strong families and safe neighborhoods

Tough on crime
Make housing affordable
Prioritize cybersecurity | Secure elections
Stop school shootings
Address the opioid crisis | No heroin injection sites
Stop forest fires | Environmental stewardship

A safe, affordable and effective transportation system

No mileage tax
No more tolls | Add capacity, not lane restrictions
Make government more efficient and effective | Make building roads easier | Reform Sound Transit

Download a link to the plan here.