McCleary Through the Years

Washington State House Republicans believe every student deserves a first-class education for a worldwide job market and have long supported a concept called “fund education first.”

Over the last six years, beginning with the inception of the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus, the Legislature has made historic investments and reforms in K-12 education. For example:

  • In the 2011-13 budget cycle, our state spent $13.4 billion on K-12 education. This budget cycle (2017-19), our state will spend $22.8 billion. That number jumps to $26.7 billion in the 2019-21 budget cycle.
  • In the 2011-12 school year, our state spent $6,639 per pupil for K-12. In the 2019-20 school year, that number is projected to be $11,966.

We now must protect these historic investments and reforms, and ensure they result in better student outcomes across our state.

This timeline guides you through Washington state’s K-12 education funding history – beginning in 1976, including the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision in January 2012 and Legislature’s McCleary solution in July 2017, and concluding with The Joint Select Committee on Article IX Litigation’s 2018 Report to the state Supreme Court in April 2018.

View the timeline here.