John Handy
Communications Director
(360) 786-5758
Reps. Ed Orcutt, J.T. Wilcox, and Drew Stokesbary
Brendon Wold
Deputy Communications Director
(360) 786-7698
Reps. Jenny Graham, Joel Kretz, Jacquelin Maycumber, Joe Schmick, Mike Volz, and Greg Cheney
Jason Boisture
Web Developer and Systems Coordinator
(360) 786-7074
Kurt Hammond
Senior Public Information Officer
(360) 786-7794
Reps. Bruce Chandler, Tom Dent, Keith Goehner, Joel McEntire, Bryan Sandlin, and Suzanne Schmidt
Jennifer Hansen
Senior Public Information Officer
Social Media Coordinator
(360) 786-7720
Reps. Andrew Barkis, Skyler Rude, and Eric Robertson
Nick Jacob
Senior Public Information Officer
Outreach and Video Coordinator
(360) 786-5097
Kent Livingston
Public Information Officer
(360) 786-7031
Reps. Paul Harris, Cyndy Jacobsen, Mark Klicker, Stephanie McClintock, and Kevin Waters
Daniel McDonald
Public Information Officer
(360) 786-7182
Reps. Carolyn Eslick, Peter Abbarno, Leonard Christian, Travis Couture, and April Connors
Kelley Payne
Senior Public Information Officer
Outreach Coordinator
(360) 786-7761
Reps. Mike Steele, Jim Walsh, Alex Ybarra, and Stephanie Barnard
John Sattgast
Senior Public Information Officer
Broadcast Coordinator
(360) 786-7257
Reps. Mary Dye, Gina Mosbrucker, and Kelly Chambers
Hanna Scott
Public Information Officer
(360) 968-3938
Reps. Chris Corry, Dan Griffey, Sam Low, and Spencer Hutchins