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Title Issues Type Bill No. Created Keywords
2021-2023 Biennium Review: Home Ownership Housing Session review HB 1099 , HB 1277 , HB 1410 , HB 1770 , SB 5042 , SB 5235 , and SB 5964 April 04, 2022 Accessory dwelling, Building codes, Building permits, Capital budget, Climate change, Document recording fee, Energy codes, Eviction, Fluorinated gases/air conditioning/refrigeration, Foreclosures, Growth management act (GMA), Home ownership, Homeowner, Local government, Low-income housing, Missing middle, Mortgages and mortgage brokers, Natural gas, Operating budget, Property taxes, Rental, Rental assistance, Rural economic development, Urban growth, and Utilities
Growth Management Act (GMA) and the Lack of Housing Environment & Natural Resources , Land Use & Property Rights , Local Government , State Government & Elections , Taxes & Fees Issue brief HB 1627 , HB 1774 , SB 5275 , and SB 5593 November 14, 2022 Building codes, Excise taxes, Growth management act (GMA), Growth management hearings boards, Homelessness, Housing, Impact fees and land development mitigation, Land use, Local government, Manufactured/mobile homes, Real estate taxes, Rural economic development, Urban growth, and Water issues
HB 1076 – Qui Tam Actions Jobs, Business & Economy , Public Safety, Law Enforcement & Courts Bill brief HB 1076 April 25, 2021 Department of Labor & Industries, Employment discrimination, Employment law, False claims, Human Rights Commission, Labor law, LNI, Local government, Medicaid fraud, Minimum wage, Qui tam, Wage and hour laws, and Whistleblower
Local Government Funding Concerns Local Government , State Budgets , Taxes & Fees Issue brief HB 1679 , HB 1718 , and HB 2625 November 02, 2020 Excise taxes, Growth management act (GMA), Impact fees and land development mitigation, Local government, Property taxes, Real estate taxes, and Sales and use taxes
SB 5334 – Short-Term Rental Excise Tax Housing , Local Government , Taxes & Fees Bill brief SB 5334 February 27, 2024 Affordable housing, Cities, Counties, Excise taxes, Homelessness, Hotels and motels, Housing, Local government, Lodging tax, Sales and use taxes, Short term rental, and Tourism
Vehicle Registration Fees Taxes & Fees , Transportation Issue brief HB 1129 , HB 1548 , HB 1581 , and HB 2042 March 20, 2024 Car tab fees, Connecting Washington (CW), County auditors, Department of Licensing, Electric vehicles, Electrification, Excise taxes, Ferries, Freight mobility, Information technology, License plates, Local government, Motor vehicle account, Multimodal, Property taxes, Sound Transit, Vehicle registration fees, Vessel replacement, and Washington State Patrol
Title Issues Type Bill No. Created Keywords
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