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Title Issues Type Bill No. Created Keywords
HB 1076 – Qui Tam Actions Jobs, Business & Economy , Public Safety, Law Enforcement & Courts Bill brief HB 1076 April 25, 2021 Department of Labor & Industries, Employment discrimination, Employment law, False claims, Human Rights Commission, Labor law, LNI, Local government, Medicaid fraud, Minimum wage, Qui tam, Wage and hour laws, and Whistleblower
SB 5217 – Ergonomic Rules Jobs, Business & Economy Bill brief SB 5217 April 06, 2023 Department of Labor & Industries, Ergonomics, Ergonomists, LNI, Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Repetitive motion injury (RMI), and Workers' compensation (industrial insurance)
Title Issues Type Bill No. Created Keywords
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