Fuel prices

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Title Issues Type Bill No. Created Keywords
Gas Tax Revenues Only for Highway Purposes Taxes & Fees , Transportation Issue brief October 31, 2023 18th Amendment, Climate Commitment Act, Driver's license and identification/identicard fees, Fuel prices, Gas tax, Greenhouse gas emissions, Highway maintenance, Motor vehicle account, and Vehicle miles traveled/road usage charge (RUC)
HB 2134 – Final 2024 Supplemental Transportation Budget State Budgets , Transportation Bill brief HB 1964 , HB 1989 , HB 2134 , and HB 2485 March 07, 2024 Climate Commitment Act, Columbia River Interstate 5 (I-5) bridge replacement, Commercial trucking, Department of Transportation, Driver education/driver training, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Ferries, Fish passage barriers, Fuel prices, Graffiti, Hybrid-electric ferries, Initiative 2117 (I-2117), Pay-by-mile tax, Pollinators, Right-of-way encampments, Sandy Williams Connection Communities Program, Solar, State Route 520, Traffic cameras, Transportation budget, Trooper Recruitment Program, and Washington State Patrol
Motor Vehicle Fuel Prices Taxes & Fees , Transportation Issue brief HB 1091 , HB 1175 , HB 1186 , HB 1449 , HB 1578 , HB 1691 , HB 1817 , HB 2815 , SB 5126 , SB 5579 , SB 5987 , SB 5993 , and SB 6269 June 21, 2023 Apprenticeships, Cap and invest, Cap and trade, Carbon emissions, Clean fuel standard, Climate Commitment Act, Connecting Washington (CW), Fuel prices, Gas prices, Gas tax, Greenhouse gas emissions, Hazardous substance tax, Initiative-960 (I-960), Oil spill response, Oil-spill prevention, Orca, Pollution Liability Insurance Agency, Refinery/petroleum, Renewable energy, and Underground storage tanks
Title Issues Type Bill No. Created Keywords
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