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Title Issues Type Bill No. Created Keywords
2021-2023 Biennium Review: Education Education K-12 Session review HB 1195 , HB 1536 , HB 1590 , HB 1591 , HB 1633 , HB 1664 , HB 2036 , and SB 5497 April 04, 2022 Apprenticeships, Charter schools, Counselors, Educational Service District (ESD), Enrollment, In-person learning, K-12 education, Nurses, Operating budget, Private schools, Psychologists, Public schools, School choice, School districts, and Social worker
2024 HRC Agenda: Catalog of Crises Agriculture & Water , Children & Families , Education K-12 , Energy, Utilities & Technology , Environment & Natural Resources , Higher Education , Housing , Human Services , Jobs, Business & Economy , Public Safety, Law Enforcement & Courts , Taxes & Fees , Transportation Messaging February 08, 2024 Auto theft, Child care, Colleges and universities, Cost of living, Crimes and penalties, Drug crimes, Enrollment, Fentanyl, Ferries, Fix Washington, Gas prices, Homelessness, Homicide, Housing, Law enforcement, Litter, Opioid, Police, Pollution, Property crime, Retail theft, Road maintenance, Sales and use taxes, Salmon issues/funding, School students, and Water quality
K-12 Funding Challenges Education K-12 , State Budgets , Taxes & Fees Issue brief November 02, 2020 COVID-19/corona, Enrollment, General fund, K-12 education, Local education levies, Pupil transportation, School boards, school district management and boundaries, and School funding
Title Issues Type Bill No. Created Keywords
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