Energy availability

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Title Issues Type Bill No. Created Keywords
HB 1770 – Strengthening the Energy Code Energy, Utilities & Technology , Housing , Local Government Bill brief HB 1770 February 12, 2022 Building codes, Clean energy, conservation and production, Energy availability, Energy codes, Homeowner, Renewable energy, and Solar
SB 5126 – Climate Commitment Act Energy, Utilities & Technology , Environment & Natural Resources , State Budgets , Taxes & Fees Bill brief HB 1091 , HB 1094 , HB 1257 , HB 2042 , HB 2405 , SB 5116 , and SB 5126 April 25, 2021 Alternative fuels, Auction, Cap and trade, Carbon issues/carbon pricing/carbon tax, Clean fuel standard, Climate Commitment Act, Climate Investment Account, conservation and production, Department of Ecology, Energy availability, Environmental justice, Forward Flexible Account, Fossil fuel, Gas tax, Greenhouse gas emissions, and Natural gas
Title Issues Type Bill No. Created Keywords
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