Bus transit

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Title Issues Type Bill No. Created Keywords
2021 Transportation Tax Proposals State Budgets , Taxes & Fees , Transportation Issue brief HB 1010 , HB 1137 , HB 1249 , HB 1290 , HB 1528 , HB 1564 , SB 5432 , SB 5444 , SB 5481 , and SB 5482 June 03, 2021 Aviation budget and taxes, Bus transit, Cap and trade, Car tab fees, Carbon issues/carbon pricing/carbon tax, Commute Trip Reduction Program, Connecting Washington (CW), Electric vehicles, Ferries, Fish passage barriers, Gas tax, Health disparities, Initiative 976 (I-976), Light rail, Low carbon fuel standard, Services for the blind, and Transportation budget
HB 2160 – Transit-Oriented Development Housing , Transportation Bill brief February 10, 2024 Affordable housing, Bus transit, Community development, Parking, Passenger rail, Transit, Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), and Urban growth
Title Issues Type Bill No. Created Keywords
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