Initiative 2113 (I-2113) – Restoring Vehicular Pursuit

Bill brief
Public Safety, Law Enforcement & Courts 

• Since 2021, when Democrats passed HB 1054, criminals have felt emboldened and law enforcement has felt abandoned. Criminals know if they can get to a vehicle, they can simply drive away from police officers.
• This misguided policy has directly contributed to our state’s public safety crisis. Communities are less safe. This experiment has failed. It’s time to fix this mistake. (Our priorities/public safety solutions)
• House Republicans opposed HB 1054 in 2021. We have sponsored bills in the last three legislative sessions to restore vehicular pursuit options for law enforcement.
o The Legislature passed a watered-down version (SB 5352) in 2023, but it was not enough.
• The solution now is simple: Quickly pass Initiative 2113, sent to us by the people of Washington. It would restore vehicular pursuit options for law enforcement, empower police officers, and have an immediate, positive impact on public safety.
• The people of Washington, law enforcement, local elected officials, business groups, and editorial boards across our state are asking for the Legislature to take action on this issue. Let’s fix the public safety crisis.

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