HB 2459 – Initiative to the Legislature (ITL) Alternative Measure Disclosures

Bill brief
State Government & Elections 

In 2022, the Legislature passed HB 1876 which mandated that Public Investment Impact Disclosures (PIID) must appear in the middle of the ballot title on initiatives or referenda that impact state revenues. The disclosure statement reads as follows: “This measure would (increase/decrease) funding for (description of services).” The disclosure cannot be more than 10 words long, unless the initiative primarily impacts revenues to the general fund, in which the disclosure can be 15 words long and must cite the top three expenditures out of the general fund. The description of services is written by the Attorney General, who can consult with OFM, and the statement cannot be challenged. No initiative has been on the ballot since the passage of HB 1876, so Washington citizens have yet to experience these disclosure statements.

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