Transportation solutions: Reprioritizing Existing Appropriations for Longevity (REAL) Act

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Unfortunately, for decades, transportation funding has been tied to the state’s gas tax and vehicle registration fees. While taxes continue to increase with each transportation package that’s enacted, collected revenues are steadily declining. There are solutions through the REAL Act to address the plateau in transportation revenue while maintaining and creating a transportation system for all Washingtonians.

—Rep. Andrew Barkis, Ranking Member, House Transportation Committee


  • House Bill 1603: REAL Act – Shifts specified transportation programs to be paid for by the general fund starting in 2025.
  • House Bill 1604: Directs state sales tax paid on motor vehicles to preservation and maintenance of the existing transportation system.
  • House Bill 1605: Creates a program at WSDOT to implement rural safety lane departure improvements.
  • House Bill 1606: Recognizes fish passage barrier projects as inherently correcting environmental justice concerns without further review and process.
  • House Bill 1607: Investigates a shift of the Safe Routes to School program to OSPI with direction to better coordinate funding for safe pathways to new schools.
  • House Bill 1608: Directs the executive branch to address barriers to recruitment for Washington State Ferries in future collective bargaining agreements.
  • House Bill 1249: Transfers sales tax paid on transportation projects to the transportation budget.
  • House Bill 1528: Puts a pause on the commute trip reduction program in light of COVID-19.

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