House Republican bills signed into law

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During the 2021 legislative session, 35 bills prime sponsored by Washington House Republicans were passed by the Legislature and sent to the governor’s desk to be signed. You can learn more about these bills in the links below.

House Republican Bills Signed Into Law
House Bill
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Sponsor: Maycumber
Establishing a law enforcement professional development outreach grant program.
Sponsor: Klippert
Concerning the completion of supervised experience through distance supervision.
Sponsor: MacEwen
Modifying Washington state horse racing commission provisions.
Sponsor: Steele
Concerning predesign requirements and thresholds.
Sponsor: Harris
Allowing additional renewals for behavioral health professional trainee and associate credentials.
Sponsor: Eslick
Requiring the disclosure of high-speed internet access availability in the seller’s disclosure statement.
Sponsor: Schmick
Concerning nonmedicare plans offered through the Washington state health insurance pool.
Sponsor: Dye
Encouraging utility mitigation of urban heat island effects.
Sponsor: Jacobsen
Notifying students of courses with low-cost instructional materials and open educational resources at the four-year institutions of higher education.
Sponsor: Rude
Concerning the emergency waiver of instructional hours and days at private schools.
Sponsor: McCaslin
Elevating road maintenance and preservation in transportation planning.
Sponsor: Rude
Authorizing the placement of water rights banked pursuant to RCW 90.92.070 into the trust water rights program.
Sponsor: Rude
Allowing the use of nonwood renewable fiber in recycled content paper carryout bags.
Sponsor: Boehnke
Building economic strength through manufacturing.
Sponsor: Hoff
Affirming the process for disposing of dredged materials for federal navigation channel maintenance and improvement.
Sponsor: Corry
Providing compensation to department of natural resources lessees whose leases are terminated for reasons other than default.
Sponsor: Eslick
Defining family resource centers.
Sponsor: Orcutt
Designating Washington a purple heart state.
Sponsor: Orcutt
Concerning the authorization of wheeled all-terrain vehicles on state highways.
Sponsor: Chambers
Concerning winery workforce development.
Sponsor: Young
Providing a business and occupation tax preference for behavioral health administrative services organizations.
Sponsor: Eslick
Concerning the dates of certification of levies.
Sponsor: Young
Concerning veteran diversion from involuntary commitment.
Sponsor: Mosbrucker
Creating a task force to identify the role of the workplace in helping curb domestic violence.
Sponsor: Dent
Concerning noxious weeds.
Sponsor: Ybarra
Concerning the supervision of medical assistants.
Sponsor: Vick
Reducing barriers to professional licensure for individuals with previous criminal convictions.
Sponsor: Volz
Protecting taxpayers from home foreclosure.
Sponsor: MacEwen
Concerning a vessel crewmember license.
Sponsor: Orcutt
Expanding eligibility for property tax exemptions for service-connected disabled veterans and senior citizens by modifying income thresholds for eligibility to allow deductions for common health care-related expenses.
Sponsor: Mosbrucker
Concerning the use of social security numbers by the department of labor and industries and the employment security department.
Sponsor: MacEwen
Extending certain privileges granted to liquor licensees to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
Sponsor: Walsh
Addressing foreclosure protections for homeowners in common interest communities.
Sponsor: Orcutt
Concerning the rights-of-way for the transport of timber, minerals, stone, sand, gravel, or other valuable materials.
Sponsor: Barkis
Modifying requirements in order to pay for debt service obligations when toll revenues are not sufficient to cover legal obligations.