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Note: On March 6, Rep. Dan Kristiansen announced he would not run for reelection in November and would step down from his position as House Republican Leader. Rep. J.T. Wilcox was elected Leader on March 8. Rep. Drew Stokesbary was also elected Floor Leader, and Rep. Drew MacEwen was elected Assistant Floor Leader.

Leadership Podcast | New House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox of Yelm | March 23, 2018

Topics: Being elected Leader, the strengths and lessons of past leaders, the importance of listening, past business experience, handling divisive issues, working in a closely divided Legislature, Seattle, media relations, hits and misses of the 2018 legislative session, the lack of bipartisanship in the supplemental operating budget process, property tax relief, and caucus priorities.

Leadership Podcast | House Republican Leader Dan Kristiansen of Snohomish

Topics: Being Leader, how his background shaped his leadership style, working with people from all walks of life, giving rural communities a voice, misconceptions of the Legislature, bipartisanship and collaboration, how citizens can get involved in the legislative process, a closely divided Legislature, and how caucus priorities are developed.

Leadership Podcast | House Republican Deputy Leader Joel Kretz of Wauconda

Topics: Being Deputy Leader, how his background prepared him for the Legislature, perceptions of Olympia, wolves, wildfire prevention and response, and the importance of public involvement in the legislative process.

Leadership Podcast | House Republican Caucus Chair Matt Shea of Spokane Valley

Topics: Being Caucus Chair, what it’s like in the caucus room, briefing bills, how having a law and military background helps as state lawmakers, biggest challenges facing the state, the governor’s energy tax, the push for gun control, Hirst and water rights, the needs of rural Washington, the collective expertise of the citizen Legislature, and remote testimony, and how ideas from constituents have turned into laws.

Leadership Podcast | House Republican Vice-Caucus Chair Joe Schmick of Colfax

Topics: Being Vice-Caucus Chair, the role of the Leadership Team, innovations at Washington State University, the dynamics of the 9th District, how being a farmer informs his views as a state lawmaker, agricultural diversity in Washington state, supporting small businesses, being ranking Republican on the House Health Care and Wellness Committee, the importance of his open-door policy, and being away from home during the session.

Leadership Podcast | House Republican Whip Dave Hayes of Camano Island

Topics: Being Whip, his primary responsibilities in Leadership, assisting other members, how having a law enforcement and military background helps inform his decisions as a state lawmaker, public safety issues, addressing the opioid crisis in a comprehensive way, solving problems, and helping veterans.

Leadership Podcast | House Republican Floor Leader J.T. Wilcox of Yelm

Topics: Being Floor Leader, guiding floor debate, how experience in the business world can inform lawmaking, understanding all parts of the state, perceptions of the Legislature, the role of the minority party, helping constituents navigate the bureaucracy, a closely divided Legislature, standing for working people, tax relief, and why Republicans love George Washington.

Leadership Podcast | House Republican Assistant Floor Leader Joyce McDonald of Puyallup

Topics: Being the newest member of the Leadership Team, floor debates, how the Legislature has changed over the years, rural and urban lawmakers, voyeurism, texting and driving, local government experience, our foster care system, growing up in Scotland, the American dream, and participating in the legislative process.

Leadership Podcast | House Republican Assistant Floor Leader Drew Stokesbary of Auburn

Topics: Being the youngest member of the Leadership Team, primary responsibilities as Assistant Floor Leader, how his law and economics background helps him as a lawmaker, the dynamics of the 31st District, working with his father-in-law, addressing the opioid crisis, safe injection sites, the McCleary solution, and providing property-tax relief this year.