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The 2017 and 2018 legislative sessions produced more than 650 bills that were signed into law by the governor. Many of these measures were prime sponsored by Washington House Republicans. You can learn more about some of these bills in the links below.


Bill number(s) News release
1017 Reps. McCaslin and Taylor release statement following governor’s partial veto of school siting bill
1022 Governor signs MacEwen bill to protect crime victims
1027 Governor signs Barkis’ bill clarifying insurance licensing requirements
1038 and 1944 Governor signs Condotta legislation to help small wineries, exempt law enforcement from hunter education
1058 MacEwen bill prioritizing crime victim compensation signed into law
1079, 1184, 1543, 1739, 5030 and 5256 Rep. Paul Graves instrumental in anti-sex trafficking bill package
1100 State now required to give notice of expiring license to concealed pistol license holders
1120 Smith bill to improve regulatory climate for state’s small businesses signed into law
1121 Muri’s bill supporting Puget Sound Partnership signed into law
1130 Haler bill to help small businesses get local skilled workers signed into law by governor
1136 Dye’s bill designed to cut railroad regulatory red tape signed into law
1148 Walsh’s bill supporting timber industry signed into law
1176 Muri’s bill supporting growing mead industry signed by governor
1199 Governor signs Irwin’s bill giving youth courts jurisdiction over transit infractions
1200 Governor signs McCabe bill concerning the crime of voyeurism
1248 Griffey bill to reduce recidivism, expand access to inmate work programs gets governor’s approval
1250 Griffey bill expanding access to lockable drug boxes becomes law
1258 Travis Alert Act becomes law
1285 Rep. Paul Graves’ first bill becomes law, simplifies oath requirements for interpreters
1314 Governor signs Caldier bill establishing fair and predictable Medicaid audit process
1329 McCabe bill to ease burdens on mobile and manufactured homeowners signed into law
1352 Governor signs Barkis’ small business ‘bill of rights’
1353 Dent legislation commissioning pilot project for elk management in Kittitas County signed into law
1369, 1757 and 1931 Rep. Dave Hayes’ bills to aid veteran employment, protect children, and fight meth contamination signed into law
1375 Governor signs Van Werven legislation making textbook costs more transparent into law
1400 Governor signs Dent’s specialty aviation license plate bill into law
1406 Barkis celebrates two important bills being signed into law
1433 Governor signs Stambaugh bill decoupling services and activities fees from tuition at state’s four-year colleges
1444 Caldier bill facilitating on-time graduation of at-risk youth signed into law
1452 Governor signs Holy’s bill expanding financial opportunities for professional-technical education programs into law
1481 Hayes’ bill creating uniformity in driver training education gains governor’s signature
1489 Kretz bill for early wildfire suppression agreements signed into law
1493 Biometric data privacy bill the result of bipartisan work
1504 Rep. Liz Pike’s statement regarding Gov. Inslee’s veto of short-line rail jobs development bill
1515 Rep. Paul Graves’ second bill signed into law
1526 Belfair Faith in Action HUB Center could receive property tax exemption thanks to Griffey bill signed into law
1538 Stambaugh bill ensuring timely pay for subcontractors signed into law
1539 McCabe’s ‘Erin’s Law’ signed into law
1547 and 1548 Governor signs two bills sponsored by Rep. Joe Schmick into law
1593 Senate unanimously passes Vick legislation to give small businesses more access to capital
1594 and 1595 Nealey’s public records reform bills receive governor’s signature
1654 McCaslin bill addressing state’s teacher shortage signed into law
1677 Kraft celebrates signing of bill to reform community public works projects
1717 Governor signs Smith bill to better protect Washingtonians’ data and privacy
1723 Haler’s bill to help sick Hanford workers signed into law
1742 and 2087 GTwo bills sponsored by Rep. Melanie Stambaugh signed into law
1819 Governor signs Dent legislation to reduce bureaucracy at DSHS
1838 Schmick legislation allowing ATVs to cross certain highways signed into law
1907 Orcutt, DeBolt bill protecting burial plots and cemeteries signed into law
1924 Dent’s small forest landowner legislation signed into law
1983 Governor signs Dye’s legislation offering greater flexibility to counties serving juvenile offenders
2010 Governor signs Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber’s bill that will help local authorities with wildfire education, prevention and response
2016 Rep. Richard DeBolt’s bill providing pregnant inmates access to volunteer midwife and doula services signed into law
2073 Governor signs Rep. Dent’s legislation regarding the Washington State Beef Commission
2101 McCabe bill to help provide better care to sexual assault survivors signed by governor
2138 Kraft’s disabled veterans housing bill signed into law
2180 Condotta fuel tax transparency proposal, projects for the 12th District in transportation budget
2200 Manweller instrumental in House passage of internet privacy bill
2202 Governor signs Manweller pension policy fix legislation
2224 Governor signs MacEwen bill reforming high school assessments to benefit students
2243 McCaslin releases statement following passage of revised school siting bill
2256 Governor signs Graves bill to streamline foster parent training process
2261 MacEwen bill authorizing counties to support local housing authorities signed into law
2307 Governor signs Van Werven legislation related to the release of sensitive fish and wildlife data
2446 Governor signs Graves bill to enhance patient care at physical therapy clinics
2561 Governor signs Rep. Dent’s legislation to improve efficiency and effectiveness of combatting wildfires
2611 and 2649 Governor signs two of Rep. Barkis’ bills into law
2617 Governor signs Wilcox bill to help reduce agricultural worker suicides
2639 Buys’ bill to modify food truck health regulations signed into law
2684 Governor signs Caldier bill to provide better support to students in out-of-home care
2771 Muri bills to increase public safety, help veterans and the disabled, gain governor’s signature
2785 Governor signs Dent’s foster care ‘Bill of Rights’ legislation into law
2858 Governor signs Rep. Norm Johnson’s bill to ensure uninterrupted LIFT infrastructure financing
2882 Governor signs Rep. Mike Steele’s bill to ensure accessibility for trained service animals
2948 Graves bill to help cities with road maintenance costs signed into law
2951 McCabe bill to help identify missing Native American women signed into law
5261 Governor endorses pro-energy, pro-irrigation bill from Warnick, Dent
5388 House unanimously passes bill protecting property owners from squatters
5517 Governor signs slimmed-down companion version of Rep. Liz Pike’s short-line railroad jobs bill

You can find more information, including a bill signing FAQ,  by visiting this website maintained by the governor’s office.