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Governor signs Volz's bill to reduce penalties and interest on late property tax payments

In a bill-signing ceremony today conducted remotely in Olympia, Gov. Jay Inslee signed into law legislation designed to protect property tax payers from excessive penalties and interests on late payments. The...

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Governor signs Dent legislation that will improve noxious weed boards and districts

Gov. Jay Inslee signed legislation Monday that will make a number of changes to noxious weed control boards in an effort to protect Washington state lands from toxic and noxious weeds....

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Rep. Jim Walsh recaps the 2021 legislative session with KBKW's Doug McDowell

Appearing as a guest on KBKW’s Coffee Talk with Doug McDowell, Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, looks back at the 2021 legislative “Zoom” session. Walsh discusses concerns about passage of a capital...

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