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Rep. Jim Walsh recaps the 2021 legislative session with KBKW's Doug McDowell

Appearing as a guest on KBKW’s Coffee Talk with Doug McDowell, Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, looks back at the 2021 legislative “Zoom” session. Walsh discusses concerns about passage of a capital...

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20th District lawmakers schedule virtual town hall to hear from citizens, provide session review

Sen. John Braun, Rep. Ed Orcutt and Rep. Peter Abbarno are inviting 20th District citizens to join them Thursday, May 20 for a virtual town hall meeting in which they will...

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Rep. Jim Walsh discusses pandemic restrictions on KXRO Radio

19th District Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, joined Kyle Pauley on KXRO to discuss the current state of Washington under the pandemic, concerns about when restrictions will be removed, and what it...

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