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Radio Report: Mosbrucker says balance needed in law enforcement tactics bill to keep communities, police safe

The state House of Representatives passed a controversial measure Saturday evening that enacts new restrictions on law enforcement activities and the equipment they use. John Sattgast reports. Wash. House Republicans ·...

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Radio Report: House Republicans fight for five hours against low-carbon fuel mandate that would boost fuel prices with little results

After more than five hours of debate, a measure that would create an expensive new low-carbon fuel standard mandate in Washington passed the state House of Representatives on Saturday, with all...

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Rep. Mary Dye explains why House Bill 1091, a low-carbon fuel standard mandate is bad policy for Washington

After a five-hour House floor debate today, the low-carbon fuel standard mandate (House Bill 1091) passed on a 52-46 vote. Every House Republican voted “no.” Rep. Mary Dye, ranking Republican on...

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