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House passes unpopular, unnecessary and likely, unconstitutional income tax as Republicans vote no.

After two days of debate, Democrats in the state House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a seven percent tax on capital gains income exceeding 250-thousand dollars from the sale of long-term...

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Rep. Peter Abbarno discusses his concerns with capital gains income tax and reflects on the 2021 session.

Rep. Peter Abbarno, R-Centralia, says the capital gains income tax is unpopular, unnecessary and unconstitutional. He explains his concern about the tax, including a provision that prevents citizens from having a...

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Rep. Skyler Rude's statement on the historic approval of the first-ever income tax on capital gains by the state Legislature

Rep. Skyler Rude, R-Walla Walla, released the following statement on the first-ever income tax on capital gains passing the Washington State Legislature. “In a historic vote, the Legislature has passed its...

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