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Shelly Short

7th District
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Rep. Shelly Short’s Update from Olympia (4/13/15)
April 13, 2015

We’re nearing the homestretch of the 2015 legislative session. Both the House and Senate have passed their respective budget proposals (more on that below) and negotiations are ongoing. Continue reading

Rep. Short’s bill to study wolf impacts on ungulate populations passes state House
March 13, 2015

“A very specific part of the recovery plan states that the local ungulate population must be adequate to support the number of wolves in the plan, yet we don’t know the impacts wolves have had to date. We have circumstantial and anecdotal evidence, but not hard scientific data. This bill gets us on the road to understand the wolf recovery plan’s full impact to our region.” Continue reading

Rep. Shelly Short’s Update from Olympia (2/27/15): Take my online survey, watch a video!
February 27, 2015

Take my online survey – watch a video! Learn more about what’s happening in your state government! Continue reading

House unanimously approves Rep. Short’s bill to help keep local construction costs down
February 11, 2015

Currently, there are two designated climate zones in Washington, delineated between the Western and Eastern parts of the state. Short’s bill would keep Northeast Washington from being designated its own climate zone. Continue reading

Rep. Shelly Short’s Update from Olympia: The 2015 session begins (1/29/15)
January 29, 2015

Shelly Short Home    |   About Shelly    |    Shelly’s Newsroom    |    Sponsored Bills    |    7th District Map   Dear Friends and Neighbors, The 105-day 2015 session is in full swing and I’ll Continue reading

Kretz and Short get to work as 2015 legislative session begins in Olympia
January 16, 2015

In an unprecedented move, at least as far back as any “old timers” in the Washington State Legislature can remember, the 7th Legislative District saw its clout increased as both members of the House of Representatives were recently elected to senior leadership positions within their caucus. Continue reading

Rep. Shelly Short says low and middle income families hit the worst with governor’s new energy tax scheme
December 17, 2014

Continue reading

Representative Dan Kristiansen re-elected Leader of the Washington State House Republicans
November 21, 2014

Kristiansen was unanimously chosen for his leadership post during the group’s reorganizational meeting. Continue reading

Rep. Shelly Short’s end of session update
April 11, 2014

Shelly Short Home    |   About Shelly    |    Shelly’s Newsroom    |    Sponsored Bills    |    7th Legislative District Map Dear Friends and Neighbors, For the first time since 2009, the state Legislature Continue reading

Governor signs Short legislation requiring that certain state agencies ‘show their work’ when taking significant actions
March 13, 2014

Under legislation signed today by Gov. Jay Inslee, the Washington state departments of Ecology and Fish and Wildlife are now required to make public the sources of scientific information relied upon in support of significant actions. Continue reading

Shelly Short
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