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Hope-b Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It’s great to be back in Snohomish County after the long 2012 sessions. By now, many of you have received a short postcard that briefly discusses our success during the sessions. If you did not receive a postcard I have included a recap of these important advancements below.

As always, I am thankful for the support of everyone in my district and appreciated hearing from you while I was in Olympia. This will be one of my final e-newsletter updates until November due to campaign regulations. However, please feel free to call my office with your questions or if you need help with any state government issue.

Supporting the film industry

Now that I am back home, I hope to see many of you while I’m out in the community or at one of the many events I will be attending. Additionally, you may see me on the set of Vampire Soul: Hidden in Plain Sight. I’m personally having a great time playing Officer O’Conner in the film and excited about the revenue this could bring to our district.

>> To listen to my recent interview about the film please click here. <<

While I was supporting the motion picture competitiveness bill, Senate Bill 5539, I learned a lot about the economic benefit the motion picture industry brings to our state. Every dollar spent by the film industry in Washington doubles in economic activity for local businesses. So when a production company spends a dollar in Snohomish, our local businesses are likely to make two dollars. Additionally, the industry provides the state with millions of dollars in sales tax revenue, has created 4,800 jobs and put more than $31 million dollars in the pockets of residents in the form of wages and benefits.

Recent award

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) recently presented me with their Guardians of Small Business award. I’m very honored to have received this award. NFIB is renown for supporting small business. The Association’s State Director Patrick Connor described the award this way, “It easy to say you support small business, but it is a far different thing to actually vote with small business when faced with pressure from Big Labor, Big Business and other advocates of Big Government. Our Guardians of Small Business fought for free enterprise in the face of sometimes hostile opposition and took tough votes because they knew it was the right thing to do for the job creators in their home district and across the state.” I’m proud of this recognition for the effort I put in to preserving and protecting small, local businesses in Washington state.

Recap of the 2012 sessions

As the interim goes on, I will continue fighting to support public safety, education and jobs in the 44th District. I also hope to have many more occasions to work for you in 2013 and beyond. As I mentioned previously, I’ve included a short recap of our success this year. Feel free to contact my office if you have any questions about this summary.

  • JOBS - Important transportation and capital budgets were passed this year. I voted for these budgets that will dedicate millions of dollars to restorations, new construction, infrastructure, and improvements along Highway 9, I-5 and State Route 528.
  • LOCAL BUSINESS - North Snohomish has is a wealth of untapped resources. New legislation I introduced this year, House Bill 2772, will incentivize employers and attract new companies to our district.
  • PUBLIC SAFETY - An attack on law enforcement is an attack on all of us and our social norms. This year BLUE Alert, a bill I sponsored in 2010, became a reality. This law will help us capture our most dangerous criminals and cut down on future tragedies by helping to find fugitives after police shootings.
  • EDUCATION - Allowing students and school districts to opt out of mandated tests would save the state and school districts millions of dollars. In order to better fund education, and at the request of concerned Snohomish parents, I introduced a bill to legalize opting out of state mandated tests.

The future

Feel free to pass along this e-mail to others who might like to sign up or direct them to my Web site at: and click on “sign up for my e-mail updates.” You can also contact my district office at (425) 397-4943. During the interim, I will continue to place priorities before politics and keep the communities of the 44th District at the forefront of my mind.

Thank you for allowing me to act as your voice to the Legislature,



Mike Hope

District Office:
528 91st Avenue NE, Suite E.
Lake Stevens, WA 98528
(425) 397-4943

P.S. I want you to know I respect your time and privacy. If for any reason you would no longer like to receive my e-mail updates, you may go to this link to unsubscribe. Simply enter your name, e-mail address and select “Leave.” Your friends and family can also sign up for my e-mail updates by going to this same link and selecting “Join.”