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The House of Representatives today concurred with Senate amendments to House Joint Resolution 4220, also known as the Lakewood Police Officers’ Memorial Act, sending the constitutional amendment straight to the voters.

Rep. Mike Hope, police officer and sponsor of the bill, said he looks forward to the public discussion on the proposal.

“Now the people can decide whether the most dangerous suspects should be denied bail,” said Hope, R-Lake Stevens. “Most of what I have heard from constituents and public testimony has been very positive on this measure. I think it’s important, and the votes in the House and Senate show that, too.”

The Senate approved the measure unanimously, while the House voted on the revised version 92-4. Because it is a constitutional amendment, a two-thirds vote of the House and Senate were required to amend the state constitution. Now, a simple majority of voters statewide will be needed to approve the change.

“This is a landmark measure,” Hope said. “It is worthwhile for the Legislature to do something it believes will make a difference for police on the street and literally save untold lives in our neighborhoods. I could not be happier with the outcome.”

The Lakewood Police Officers’ Memorial Act, if approved by voters in November, would allow more discretion for judges to deny bail to suspects facing a life sentence and who are deemed dangerous to the community.


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