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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

ANOTHER special session has been called by Gov. Jay Inslee to raise your gas taxes to be the highest in the nation. But, you're not going to hear much about the gas tax. Instead, you are going to hear about jobs, jobs, jobs, granting special tax loopholes, and special permitting Boeing...a multi-billion dollar CORPORATION.

I thought Gov. Inslee was part of the 99 percent? You will hear a transportation tax package is not necessary to keep Boeing, but the governor is obviously using the Boeing situation as leverage. He has concocted a way for the gas tax increase to be fear-based and made it all about Boeing jobs. The governor should apologize to the taxpayers of Washington and tell the truth.

Inslee quotes on closing tax loopholes

“If you think it’s more important to hand out millionaire tax breaks than to educate our kids, then go ahead and encourage the Senate Republicans” - Gov. Jay Inslee, June 11, 2013

"Today, I choose and I believe we should all choose education over tax breaks....," Inslee said. "I will not fund education at the expense of vital services for children, for seniors or for the disabled." – Gov. Jay Inslee, April 28, 2013 press conference.

I will be voting NO on special, taxpayer-funded favors for Boeing. I will be voting NO on a gas tax increase of any stripe. I will be voting YES on transportation reforms capable of not only avoiding a gas tax increase, but lowering the gas tax over time.

Our state government needs to exhibit transparency and accountability and I would expect those elected to lead our state to demonstrate those qualities and lead by example. We are not seeing that in Olympia. In fact, not only did the governor call an almost immediate special session requiring legislators to be at our state capitol, but he plans to fly to Asia this weekend.

I will continue to fight for lower taxes for everyone, less government for everyone, and more freedom for everyone.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Jason Overstreet

State Representative Jason Overstreet
42nd Legislative District

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