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May 30, 2013

CONTACT: John Sattgast, Broadcast Coordinator - (360) 786-7257 / Studio - (360) 786-5046

Complete list of those who would be impacted by House Democrats’ tax increase legislation emerges

Legislator: Rep. Cary Condotta
Date Recorded:  May 30 2013
Run Time:  74 seconds

SUGGESTED LEAD: A new list has emerged at the state Capitol that has uncovered who would be impacted by tax increases state House Democrats have proposed. . . and its raising a lot of eyebrows.  John Sattgast reports from Olympia.

(Voice cut: Condotta-TaxList-SattgastVoicer-053013. mp3 - Run time :74 seconds)
Story begins with Condotta voice clip. . .
(Voice cut: Condotta-TaxList-Clip1-053013.mp3 - Run time :03 - Out cue: . . see the truth. )
Condotta: "No, I don’t think they’d like anybody to see this list, because they’re going to see the truth."

Sattgast: That’s Representative Cary Condotta, a Republican from East Wenatchee who serves on the House Finance Committee.  House Democrats want to permanently extend the business and occupation tax surcharge on service businesses. They described the group as “doctors, lawyers, architects and others.” Condotta said House Republicans wanted to know specifically who fit into the “others” category. So Republicans worked with the state Department of Revenue to find out.  It turns out the list is extensive… and it targets individuals and employers.

(Voice cut: Condotta-TaxList-Clip2-053013.mp3  Run time :18  Out cue: . . probably on this list. )

Condotta: "A hundred forty-four thousand separate businesses and self-employed folks, and these are some of the smallest employers. They actually do create jobs and they’re in your community. If you drive down any Main Street of a small town in Eastern Washington, you’re going to see people that are affected right and left of your car when you look. Chances are, they’re probably on this list."

Sattgast: Condotta says the state will be collecting an additional 2 billion dollars in the next budget cycle without tax increases, which makes them unnecessary.  So, are you on the list? Find out at Again, that’s  John Sattgast, Olympia.

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NOTE TO NEWS DIRECTORS: Download the Tax List here.


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