Video Updates

Rep. Luanne Van Werven talks about how to be an effective legislator and her efforts o make the Pioneer Village project ADA accessible.

Rep. Brandon Vick discusses his crowdfunding bill, the House Democrat’s education funding plan and the small business caucus.  

Rep. Luanne Van Werven talks about her efforts to assist the city of Ferndale to make the Pioneer Village ADA accessible through the pathways project.  

Rep. Mary Dye, introduced legislation to assist funding in premobilization efforts for wildfires. Daniel Lyon, Jr., survivor of the Twisp River Fire, sat down with Rep. Dye in support of her...

Rep. Vicki Kraft, R-Vancouver, gives a speech on the House floor in honor of Presidents Day, Feb. 20, 2017.

Rep. Norm Johnson, R-Yakima, gives an update on the House Democrats’ state operating budget proposal, which would fund education.

Rep. Paul Graves, R-Fall City, pays tribute to Japanese-Americans affected by Japanese Internment Camps in the 1940s. Washington state became the first state in the nation to honor their sacrifice with...

Rep. Morgan Irwin spoke in favor of Children’s Day during House floor action Feb. 20, 2017.  

Rep. Andrew Barkis provides you with another edition of the Barkis Breakdown. In this legislative video update, Rep. Barkis discusses policy cutoff, along with some legislation he’s been working on. Thanks...