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409 John L. O'Brien Building
P.O. Box 40600
Olympia, WA 98504-0600
 (360) 786-7802

Michelle Caldier

Welcome to my website! It’s an honor to serve the 26th Legislative District as your state representative.

Our beautiful district includes people who are working or have worked to provide for their families and their futures. Many commute to work, while others create jobs in our communities as employers. Some have retired, while others are just beginning their families and want to ensure their children receive the best education possible.

I was never really into politics until I fought for something I believed in. I hope you’ll use my site to contact me about the things you believe in, and let me know how I can best serve you in the Legislature.

As a dentist serving mostly the elderly, I am committed to protecting our most vulnerable. As a small business owner and taxpayer, I am fighting to ensure your tax dollars are used efficiently and that you see value for what you pay. As a mom and grandma, as well as a professor, I believe education is the key to a better future for everyone. That's why I support measures to fund education first – students should receive our first dollar, not our last dime.

Please sign up for my email updates using the box at the top of this site. This is one way I’ll keep in contact with you. You can use the “Newsroom” link above to read news releases and email updates that discuss what I’m working on for our communities. I’ll also be recording video updates throughout session and posting them to YouTube and here on my website.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email anytime. You can also contact my office to set up a time to meet with me. My contact information is at the "Contact" link above.

Government works best when everyday citizens get involved, and that’s why I’m serving you in Olympia. Thank you for the privilege.

Michelle Caldier
State Representative
26th Legislative District