Media Resources

We work closely with members of the media to provide them the most up-to-date information we have about the actions of the Legislature. Reporters, editors, producers, and bloggers are encouraged to use the below resources and to contact our Communications office to get in touch with legislators for interviews.

House and Senate Republicans also hold weekly media availability meetings with members of leadership to update the media and answer questions.

Communications staff contacts

Please contact our staff below to get in contact with the representatives for which they write. General caucus positions and questions should be directed to John Handy.

Communications Staff

Name Title Phone Assigned to
John Handy Communications Director (360) 786-5758 Rep. Dan Kristiansen
Brendon Wold Deputy Communications Director (360) 786-7698 Rep. Bruce Chandler
Rep. Larry Haler
Rep. Kevin Parker
Rep. Joe Schmick
Rep. Elizabeth Scott
Rep. Shelly Short
Rep. David Taylor
Kurt Hammond Senior Public Information Officer (360) 786-7794 Rep. Cary Condotta
Rep. Paul Harris
Rep. Matt Manweller
Rep. Luanne Van Werven
Rep. Brandon Vick
Rep. Hans Zeiger
Jennifer Hansen Public Information Officer (360) 786-7720 Rep. Andrew Barkis
Rep. Mary Dye
Rep. Jeff Holy
Rep. Joel Kretz
Rep. Jesse Young
Kelley Hays Public Information Officer (360) 786-7761 Rep. Richard DeBolt
Rep. Mark Harmsworth
Rep. Brad Hawkins
Rep. Chad Magendanz
Rep. Dick Muri
Rep. Ed Orcutt
Nick Jacob Public Information Officer (360) 786-5097 Rep. Michelle Caldier
Rep. Tom Dent
Rep. Mark Hargrove
Rep. Teri Hickel
Rep. Bob McCaslin
Rep. Norma Smith
Rep. Melanie Stambaugh
John Sattgast Broadcast Coordinator, Senior Public Information Officer (360) 786-7257 Rep. Dave Hayes
Rep. Norm Johnson
Rep. Terry Nealey
Rep. Liz Pike
Rep. Matt Shea
Kevin Shutty Outreach and Social Media Coordinator, Public Information Officer (360) 786-7252 Rep. Brad Klippert
Rep. Drew MacEwen
Rep. Drew Stokesbary
Rep. J.T. Wilcox
Rep. Lynda Wilson
Kylee Zabel Webmaster, Public Information Officer (360) 786-7301 Rep. Vincent Buys
Rep. Dan Griffey
Rep. Linda Kochmar
Rep. Gina McCabe
Rep. Jay Rodne
Rep. Maureen Walsh

To find information on receiving media credentials or access inside the House chamber, please contact the Olympia Associated Press office: (360) 753-7222.