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Jeff Holy

Welcome to my Web site. It's an honor and privilege to represent the 6th District. I have lived in the Spokane area for 33 years with my wife and our two young adult children. My background is in law enforcement and now I am a practicing attorney. Being involved in our community has allowed me to see the challenges and promise in the Inland Northwest.

I believe the 6th District's best days are ahead of us! There is so much potential for economic growth with our valuable agriculture industry, manufacturing opportunities and infrastructure. My top priority as your legislator in Olympia will be getting Washington back to work. There are so many people who are unemployed or underemployed. People need more opportunities to improve their lives. It is the answer to the poverty we see all too often in our area.

Investment in education and higher education are the keys to greater opportunity for the next generation -- and I will fight hard for these investments. Our state constitution makes it clear education is the priority for our state, not simply a priority. I put myself through college by serving in the U.S. Army. Now after having both kids in college, I know well the costs of higher education to both students and families.

I hope you will use my website to find out more about me and the work I am doing on your behalf in the state Legislature. Please take the opportunity to contact me with your concerns, suggestions or questions. Direct contact with the people I represent will help me effectively do the job you sent me to do.

Jeff Holy
State Representative
6th District