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Twitter Town Hall FAQ’s

Q: What is the HRC Twitter town hall?
A: The Twitter town hall is a social media forum that allows for people to Tweet questions, comments or concerns to members of the House Republican Caucus (HRC).

Q: How do we know what questions are being asked?
A: We will be reposting the submitted questions with #solutionsWA: in front of them.

Q: How will I see my answer?
A: We will be responding with .@yourhandle so everyone can see our answer.

Q: How does the Twitter town hall work?
A: You can visit the HRC page at @WaHouseGOP through your Twitter account to see what questions have been asked. By commenting with hashtag #solutionsWA on your own feed you have submitted a question.

Q: WHEN can I submit a question/comment/concern?
A: You can tweet your questions any time before, or during, the town hall by using the hashtag #solutionsWA.

Q: How do I submit a question?
A: After logging into your Twitter account write a post using the hashtag #solutionsWA. You MUST include the hashtag in order for your question to be submitted.

Q: What is the purpose of the Twitter town hall?
A: According to Pew Research, nearly one in 10 U.S. adults uses Twitter to share information. This type of town hall is an alternative way for you to voice your concerns and questions and continues to hold government accountable. The town hall is meant to motivate a meaningful conversation about the direction Washington state is heading and to help cultivate solutions to problems.