2022 interim •

Dear Friend:

The legislative session ended two months ago. Since then, state lawmakers have been hosting town halls, meeting with groups, participating in forums, and working on newsletters. And some members have resumed their other jobs.

Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce event

I had an opportunity to join other caucus leaders at the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce on April 27 for a panel discussion on the legislative session. The event offered a contrast in priorities and approaches for Republicans and Democrats on several critical issues facing our state. I encourage you to watch the event here.

Communicating with constituents

Nearly every House Republican sent out a newsletter to their district this month to share their perspectives on the legislative session. Topics included state budgets, the missed opportunity for meaningful tax relief, the partisan and costly transportation package, and the failure to pass emergency powers reform and fix all of the problems created by police reform legislation passed last year. House Republicans offered real solutions for all of these issues.

Communicating with constituents — whether it be newsletters, email updates or various town hall meetings — is an important responsibility of a state lawmaker. You can find electronic versions of House Republican newsletters by visiting their legislative home pages. If you want to sign up to receive our email updates later this year, you can do so here.

The Ledger

My Communications team will continue to administer our legislative news aggregator — The Ledger — this interim. If you haven’t already, please visit, bookmark and share this platform. It is a great resource for the latest news and views relating to the Legislature, state government and public policy.

Election-year restrictions

Beginning on May 16, state representatives will be under election-year restrictions. This means our legislative communications, including this one, will be restricted until after the November election results are certified. The exception would be if a special session is called. I discussed these rules, in addition to recent calls from local governments — including the Pierce County Council — for a special session to address public safety, in my recent video update.

Please know that state representatives are allowed to respond to constituents who contact them. I speak for all House Republicans when I say we welcome your emails, calls and letters. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you

Thank you for reading this email update and being involved with the Legislature. I really appreciate it. And if there’s any way you think we can improve this communication, I welcome your feedback.

Take care.


Rep. J.T. Wilcox
House Republican Leader
(360) 786-7912