Constituent Services

Voting in the Legislature is just part of a representative's job. Another important aspect of their job includes helping constituents (the people they represent) find and use appropriate government services, and hearing from various groups within the districts we represent.

Contact legislators directly here.

Call the toll-free Legislative Hotline at (800) 562-6000 to contact your representative's office with comments or questions about state government services.

How we can help:

  • We have limited influence on state agencies and their decision making, and sometimes can help speed along an agency responding to your question/request if you have waited a long time.
  • We can help you determine if you qualify for certain human services.
  • Provide information about state services and the budget.
  • Provide follow up on specific bills being considered in the Legislature.

What we can't do:

  • We can't provide legal advice in any way. Please call 2-1-1 from your phone to receive a referral to legal services.
  • We can't provide advice on ballot measures, though we can provide information about what they would do if passed.
  • We don't accept any campaign donations - state law prohibits state resources of any kind from being used to promote a candidate or ballot measure.
  • Promote specific businesses.

Quick Links

Other Statewide Contacts

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Call 2-1-1 from your phone for: information about emergency shelters, food and clothing, rental assistance, transportation, volunteering, donations, counseling and support groups and much more

Federal government: Find your Congressional representatives here.

Local government: Search for your county here or your city here.