Buzz stories policy

Our Communications staff collects online news stories from around the state’s major daily news sources. Our guiding principles for a story to be included in the Capitol Buzz are:

  • Does it have statewide significance?
  • Could it lead to state legislation?
  • Does it discuss current or past legislation?
  • Does it discuss state or legislative politics?
  • Does it affect the Legislature and its members?
  • Is it a story legislators would want to read about?

In addition, we try to avoid repetition of the same story (i.e. AP stories in several papers) and keep the length of the Buzz manageable for our readers.

Stories from the weekend or holidays are included in the next business day’s Buzz.

The news sources we search is regularly evaluated. However, we simply do not have the resources to search all the daily and weekly newspapers/blogs/newsmagazines in the state.

There is no specific order to which stories are at the top and bottom of each category. The exception is that we put all blog, opinion, column and editorial articles at the bottom of each category. We do not include letters to the editor in the Buzz.

The Buzz serves as a summary of each day’s news stories, not a catalog of every story or column. Sometimes stories are inadvertently left out. Please contact for consideration of a story¬†you believe should have been included.