Buzz stories policy

The Washington State House Republican Communications staff compiles online stories germane to government, the legislative process or politics from major daily newspapers and five other online media sources. We do not compile or accept stories outside of this designated framework – including stories from national newspapers, weekly newspapers, blogs, trade publications, interest groups, or other online communication vehicles. We also do not compile or accept letters to the editor. Please do not ask us to include stories outside of our designated framework.

A summary of the aforementioned stories is sent out in an e-mail to Capitol Buzz subscribers and selected House and Senate staff, and posted to our website, each weekday. We try to avoid repetition of similar stories in an effort to keep the length of the Capitol Buzz manageable for our readers. On occasions, we may inadvertently omit a story.

The intent of the Capitol Buzz is to inform – not persuade – readers. The inclusion of a story should not be construed as support or opposition to a particular issue, viewpoint or person.

If you have any questions about the Capitol Buzz, please send an e-mail to our Web Coordinator at:


Washington State House Republican Communications