About Us

We are a group of people working to improve the lives of the people in Washington state. Most of us have full-time jobs along with being state representatives. We are small business owners, retired teachers, lawyers, farmers, ranchers, police officers, firefighters, Army, Navy, Marines, former local officials, coaches, business consultants, churchgoers, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, widows and foster parents.


We understand we must sacrifice time away from our families and jobs in order to serve the people who elected us. In Olympia, we form a different kind of family, pursuing the causes and goals that bring us together: fiscal responsibility, better education, smaller government, safe neighborhoods, greater freedoms and accountability to the people.

What is the Washington House Republican Caucus?
Our caucus is a group of 48 Republican legislators elected to the Washington state House of Representatives. There are four main caucuses in the Washington State Legislature: House Republicans, House Democrats, Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats. In 2013, the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus was also formed.

Who are the House Republican leadership?

Dan Kristiansen, 39th District - Leader. Oversees the Republican leadership team that sets legislative priorities and works toward the adoption of bills supported by the caucus. Lead representative for the caucus in negotiations with other caucuses and the governor.

Joel Kretz, 7th District - Deputy Leader. Assists the leader in setting legislative priorities, organizing caucus strategy and working toward the adoption of bills supported by the caucus.

Shelly Short, 7th District - Caucus Chair. Presides over daily caucus meetings when bills, amendments and voting are discussed.

Joe Schmick, 9th District - Vice-Caucus Chair. Assists the chair in presiding over daily caucus meetings.

J.T. Wilcox, 2nd District - Floor Leader. In charge of organizing and overseeing caucus activity during floor debate.

  • Matt Shea, 4th District and Matt Manweller, 13th District - Assistant Floor Leaders. Assist the Floor Leader in the organization of activities on the floor of the House.

Paul Harris, 17th District - Whip. Serves as caucus sergeant at arms, maintaining decorum during caucus meetings and ensuring caucus activities are carried out in an orderly fashion.

  • Dave Hayes, 10th District, ¬†Dan Griffey, 35th District, and Vicki Kraft, 17th District - Assistant Whips. Assist the Whip in maintaining decorum during caucus meetings and ensuring caucus activities are carried out in an orderly fashion.

The leadership team is elected by a majority of the House Republican members, with the exception of Vice-Caucus Chair and Assistant Whips, which are appointed.

What purpose do the caucuses serve?
The caucus system allows groups of legislators to work together to promote common ideas, set priorities and pass legislation that serves the interests of the citizens they represent. The four main caucuses of the Legislature select leaders and appoint legislators to the various standing committees. The leaders and committee members work with legislators from both parties and both chambers in an attempt to perfect and enact legislation that meets the needs of their constituents. During the legislative session, members of the House Republican Caucus meet often as a group to discuss bills and plan for floor debates and voting.