A Better Way: Carbon Free Washington Act

The Goal

To create a new energy landscape for a carbon-pollution free Washington state, without raising taxes or electricity rates.

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Rep. Richard DeBolt discusses his Carbon Free Washington Act | January 23, 2019


Rep. Richard DeBolt discusses House Bill 1226 in the House Environment and Energy Committee | January 21, 2019

Non-partisan staff explains House Bill 1226 | January 21, 2019

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“Stagnant government planning, taxing and penalizing are not the right answers to carbon pollution reduction. The changes outlined in my bill would incentivize the energy industry to quickly meet our state’s carbon-free goals. The result would be the clean energy future we all want.”


– Rep. Richard DeBolt

How it would work | House Bill 1226

Requires all new energy resources and production to be 100 percent clean.

  • Utilities would need to use clean energy resources to meet any new energy or capacity needs for customers beginning Jan. 1, 2029.

Rewards industry investments in carbon reduction.

  • Provides a sales and use tax exemption for labor, services or technologies used to offset or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, such as electric vehicle stations and forest health management.

Incentivizes, not penalizes, utilities and industry partners transitioning to clean energy.

  • Allows for a public utility tax deduction for light and power businesses.
  • Authorizes credit for reductions of greenhouse gas emissions through carbon-reduction investment projects.

This approach would: 

  • Propel energy producers, utilities and businesses closer and faster to a zero-carbon emissions reality.
  • Maximize industry expertise and innovation in reducing carbon emissions.
  • Incentivize trade-vulnerable, energy-intensive industries, like manufacturing and processing, to utilize carbon-reducing practices.