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Matt Manweller

13th District
Position 2

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Matt Manweller

Welcome to my Web site!

I appreciate you taking the time to stay connected with me and your interest in our citizen Legislature.

My focus in Olympia is to create a smaller, less expensive, more efficient government that provides solution-oriented leadership.

Our economic recovery remains slow and many people are still without work. I believe Washington can be transformed so that we are more competitive with other states. We can do that with no new taxes, strong oversight of the unelected bureacracy, and finding water storage solutions. Most importantly, we need to reward innovation and creativity instead of punishing it.

What is good for the 13th District is also good for the entire state. We must protect our property rights and regulations should not devalue your property. We need more local control. Decisions on land use and school curriculum should be made by local elected leaders, not in Olympia.

Finally, water is the lifeblood of our economy. We must protect existing water rights and find water storage. So much of our economy in Washington depends on this essential resource.

My door is always open to those I represent. If I can ever be of assistance, or if you have any ideas to share, please contact me. And if you are ever in Olympia and would like to visit, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

It's an honor to be a voice for the 13th District in the Washington State House of Representatives.



Matt Manweller
13th District Representative