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Jesse Young

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you for visiting my web page.  I represent the 26th Legislative District – commonly referred to as “Bridge to Bridge” – which includes parts of Kitsap and Pierce counties.

I’m humbled to serve you in the state House of Representatives.  When I was growing up in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood, sometimes homeless, sometimes on welfare with my brother and my single-parent mom, it was wishful thinking to dream that I’d someday have the honor of sitting in the Legislature.

My job is to listen, act, and be an effective voice for you on the issues we all care about, especially:

Jobs – In the 26th District we have a variety of sectors that I’m committed to protecting and growing:

  • Blue-collar, family-wage jobs that are supported by the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the multitude of ancillary businesses in the surrounding areas.
  • High-wage jobs around the technology industry that our region is geographically positioned, between Tacoma and Seattle, to attract.
  • Small businesses which create so many jobs and bear such a heavy burden under Washington’s Business & Occupation tax.

Health care – We’re dealing with significant challenges in providing access to affordable health care and insurance: 

  • Obamacare is driving up insurance costs for many
    middle-income people, and for small business owners.
  • Medicaid – Most of the people signing up for Obamacare in Washington are on Medicaid, which means state government will have much higher costs to pay in the future.
  • Mental health – Lack of proper funding for the mentally ill is of critical importance, and an issue which the Legislature must address in the coming years.

Fiscal responsibility – If we’re not disciplined with tax dollars, we won’t be able to do the things we need to:

  • Transportation – Washington State Department of
    Transportation (WSDOT) has not always been a good steward of our hard-earned tax dollars.  To keep our ferries and roads properly funded, we need a better-run and cost-effective transportation system.
  • The most vulnerable – people with developmental
    disabilities and mental illness, and the homeless – rely on state leaders to prioritize spending so they have adequate support.
  • Education – Last, but not least, the state has fallen behind on K-12 achievement and we must catch up.  This is crucial if our children are to compete in a global marketplace.

A note about prioritization: 

To be effective for our children and their future, it is critical that we begin to prioritize.  For example, when you’re sitting at the table going over your household budget, you don’t prioritize going to the movies above putting gas in your car or food on the table.  Government needs to prioritize, too, and begin to demonstrate that it can be a faithful steward of our resources.

Finally, let me just note that far too often in politics there’s too much Republican vs. Democrat rhetoric that takes the focus off the crucial things we need to do to be effective. Please know that in every aspect of my public service to you, I will look to rise above such pettiness, because I believe that real experience transcends partisan politics.

Together, let’s get this done!


Jesse L. Young
State Representative
26thLegislative District
(R-Gig Harbor)