2019 House Bills Related to Firearms

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House Democrat Proposals House Republican Proposals
HB 1010 (Senn) – Allows Washington State Patrol to destroy legal firearms that are forfeited HB 1022 (Walsh) – Prohibits government databases of pistol sales
HB 1068 (Valdez) – Prohibits high capacity magazines HB 1024 (Walsh) – Prohibits government databases of lawful owners of firearms
HB 1073 (Valdez) – Prohibiting “untraceable” firearms HB 1038 (Walsh) – Giving local school districts flexibility to allow trained employees carry firearms
HB 1203 (Doglio) – Requires firearm owners to report lost and Stolen Firearms. Failing to report can result in a civil infraction or gross misdemeanor HB 1097 (Walsh) – Repeals release of confidential health care information for purposes of firearm background checks
HB 1225 (Jinkins) – Requires law enforcement to seize firearms in a domestic violence response HB 1098 (Walsh) – Repeals storage requirements and criminal penalties for lawful firearm owners
HB 1286 (Peterson, Attorney General Request) – Assault Weapons and high capacity magazines ban House Bill 1511 (Klippert) – Clarifies the type of training necessary for purchase of firearms
HB 1315 (Lovick) – Requiring handgun proficiency training as a condition of obtaining a concealed pistol license HB 1649 (Sutherland) – Exempting conceal pistol license holders from firearm sale and transfer background check requirements
HB 1319 (Wylie) – Allows local governments to prohibit the carry of firearms at public meetings HB 1763 (Young) – Preventing school shootings
HB 1346 (Pollet) – Prohibiting Sale and Transfer of Lead Ammunition to Persons under 21 HB 1934 (Caldier) – Renewing a concealed pistol license by members of the armed forces
HB 1374 (Macri) – Repeals state preemption HB 2103 (Shea) – Simplifying firearms regulations
HB 1439 (Doglio) – Requires individuals to obtain permission before bringing a concealed firearm into another person’s house
HB 1464(Goodman) – Background check processes for concealed pistol license holders
HB 1465 (Goodman) – Sale of firearms to concealed pistol license holders