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Eight Mosbrucker bills en route to governor; Three expected to be signed into law this week

Seven bills prime-sponsored by Rep. Gina Mosbrucker and one bill she co-sponsored have been sent or will soon be heading to Gov. Jay Inslee after passing the state Legislature. Three are...

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Governor signs Van Werven legislation to extend B&O tax return filing dates

Rep. Luanne Van Werven’s legislation to streamline business and occupation tax filing dates for annual filers was signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee on Friday. House Bill 1059 will extend...

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Rep. Rude joins KONA to discuss budget and remote testimony

Rep. Skyler Rude, R-Walla Walla, joins KONA to discuss budget negotiations and an unconstitutional capital gains income tax proposal by House Democrats. Rude also discusses a resolution that would allow remote...

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